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Complete the following steps and apply to become an official Faraway Creator. Make content for the games and communities you already love and get paid instantly with every sale

getting startedComplete the below steps to apply to become an approved Faraway Creator
Step 1

Download the asset you want to customize

Initially, Creators are able to create custom hero skins of the Mini Royale heroes they know and love. Download the model and texture for the hero you’d like to customize.

Step 2

Submit your custom asset for review

One you finish customizing your hero skin, submit the texture for review by the Faraway team. If approved, you will hear from the Faraway team and your asset will become available for sale.

Step 3

Sell your content inside of Mini Royale

Once your content is approved, it will be made available for sale inside of Mini Royale.


Select the Mini Royale hero you want to customize and download the 3D model and texture file. Customize the texture file in the editing software of your choice

Sign in to your account to download hero 3D models & textures and to send your custom hero textures for review!